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prepare for the unexpected

As an expert wordsmith, Laci recognizes the value of media preparation and etiquette, ensuring readiness with talking points and unexpected questions


you hold the power to frame your story and provide answers to shape the narrative. preparation is key. off-guard questions and interview pressure are non-existent with proper media training.

Media training and etiquette is crucial. Receive expert coaching through mock interviews and tackle the most unexpected questions during interviews. With media training, you will gain confidence, quickly knowing how to verbalize the elements of a moment, story, or specific answer to a question. Importantly, you will speak confidently under scrutiny and in moments of crisis.


Remember, as the person answering questions, you hold the power to frame your story and provide answers and details to shape the narrative.


Preparation is key. It’s easy to lose your train of thought or feel intimidated during question-answer segments. However, with media training, confidence is built, and knowledge is imparted to skillfully move you through the most unpredictable and stressful situations. 


Media training consists of the initial foundation of media communication:

  • Interview ground rules

  • Dos and don’ts

  • Examples of best practices and mistakes


Interview preparation:

  • On-camera media training to sharpen your message, uncover strengths and challenges, and make improvements


The feedback process:

  • Provides feedback to the trainee and offers support regarding the media-training session.


one misstep on your professional journey can be the last step you take toward your dream, yet effective crisis management eliminates that grim possibility

With a solution to every crisis, Laci ensures clients are not defined by their mishaps. Instead, she quickly reshapes challenges through a tailored approach to each situation to ensure business and brand continuity.

  • Gain immediate crisis management and effective communications regarding professional mishaps, notably amid the aftermath of the crisis

  • Ease your mind with purposeful messaging and communication strategies to address issues and mitigate scandals

  • Reep practical, sustainable solutions to better prepare for future challenges


Professional crises are often unexpected; therefore, crisis communication services are not limited to traditional business hours. Laci is available on extremely short notice.

effective, rapid communication to news media, employers, stakeholders, impacted organizations, and employees is critical if you want to protect and preserve your reputation

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