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everything you need to fulfill your wildest dreams already exists within. that's the mantra, always.   

through personal development advising, you will conceptualize and create a visionutilize laci's expertise to devise an effective action planlearn how to transform awareness into action, and create the life you've always dreamed of for yourself.
it's time to tap into your greatest potentialmove forward from the past, and and be the best version of yourself for yourself.

and that starts with the proven effective tools and strategies from laci swann, personal development advisor. 




leadership and development for millenial women

Helping you find your way, walk in your purpose, and live a life of happiness through a proven successful three-step framework:

Commit. Actualize. Elevate.




greater chance of follow-through and results

People often turned to trusted loved ones for guidance. After all, support is a perk of a healthy relationship. However, when a financial investment is made, there is a greater chance of follow-through and results. When you pay, you pay attention. Think of hiring a fitness trainer or scheduling therapy sessions – there is a higher likelihood of finishing what you start because the do-it-yourself element is taken out of the equation and replaced with a qualified person (and respective cost) who holds you to your commitment and ensures accountability and results.

goals are attained faster

Within the first session with a professional development advisor, you will walk away with a plan of action, saving you brainpower, frustration, and valuable time regarding issues you've brainstormed countless times. Time is something you can't get back, and in knowing that, you must move accordingly. Think of it this way - you can walk from Las Vegas to Miami, with nothing but your two feet, but wouldn't you rather take an airplane? The point is, hiring a professional will reap faster results, allowing you to focus on taking action.

gain the perspective of a trained professional

Your views have been molded by your experiences and environment, and your thoughts and habits have shaped the way you see yourself and approach life. A trained advisor will see your situation, access accordingly, and guide and facilitate the process while focusing on your wants and needs. A trained professional's perspective will come in handy to pinpoint your old patterns keeping you at a standstill, as they will work closely with you to resolve these old ways to move toward your goals. Closed doors will open and clarity will develop, as your experienced advisor applies their fresh perspective on your unique life. You will be guided by someone who has achieved and experience as well as lives their mission.


At some point, have you said those words? 


Imagine having a realistic plan for your life – a feasible plan for your time, in and out of the office.


Imagine your most productive, at ease self, a person who makes decisions with certainty and confidence.


Imagine your household tasks are completed regularly and even ahead of schedule.

Imagine not only setting goals but meeting and exceeding those goals, too.




To achieve long-term goals, a three to six-month minimum commitment is encouraged, as this will establish a well-developed, trusting relationship with your advisor, and ample time to resolve limiting beliefs, accomplish goals, establish patterns, and conquer roadblocks. 

is there a minimum commitment when signing up for personal development advising?

is personal development right for me?

Before committing to joining Laci on your developmental journey, take advantage of a complimentary 30-minute strategy session. During this session with Laci, you discover, first-hand, how it feels to work closely with Laci and also discover which package is best for your life. This also provides a one-on-one opportunity to ask questions and share concerns.

why do people hire an advisor?

Executives, business leaders, homemakers, creatives, and budding professionals choose to hire a development advisor for various reasons, but the most common reasons are to improve their output, see tangible growth, and create an extraordinary life. Everyone's idea of extraordinary differs, and that's what makes this journey special. Financial freedom, increased community involvement, new travel experiences, and future planning are Laci's top priorities whereas others seek more energy and vitality, effective leadership skills, the confidence to connect with others, and to jumpstart business goals. The commonality is growth and elevation, and Laci has the tools to develop each client and push through moments of uncertainty.

how do i know i'm ready for an advisor?

Those ready for advising are willing to take action and open to a new direction. They are optimistic about the future yet open to remaining present in the now. Readiness for development often aligns with a willingness to invest time and resources to achieve lofty goals.


"Where do I start? 2020 was supposed to be 'my year,' but when the pandemic hit, I lost my job, and then I felt lost. My identity was tied to that role, which I later realized. At that ah-ha moment, I knew I wanted more for myself. Laci helped me get back into the world, but without self-limiting beliefs and fear. Between not having the confidence and knowledge on how to move forward, Laci stepped in and totally gave me a new perspective and plan of action. I'm now employed at a new firm, a firm that truly values me, and I created something priceless for myself - balance! I know how to enjoy life, create more meaningful experiences with my kids, stick to my boundaries, and give it my all at work without tieing my worth to those endeavors. I can't wait to work with Laci again in the future!"

- sara h, paralegal and mom of two


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